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Unit Tests: Let AI to handle the God’s Order

Software Development

Unit testing is important to detect any malfunctioning code before releasing your software to public use. Basically, unit tests are also software which checks whether the main software is doing the tasks it is supposed to do.

For a small software development project, it is quite easy to find bugs and errors, so it may not be a high priority for a single developer environment. But if you are working with a team, and adding new features together or independently, unit testing will help you to test whether there is any problem with new code or integrations in the earliest stage. All programming languages have unit test frameworks.

Unit Test is the God’s Order?

I asked my colleague Orhan Luleci who is working as a manager in a big global software development company about how they approach testing the software they developed. He said unit tests are God’s Order in their company.

Test-Driven Development (TDD)

There are even approaches in software development which put unit tests as first priority in software development. So in TDD, the developer writes the unit test first, then creates his/her actual software.

Programmers using pure TDD on new (“greenfield“) projects reported they only rarely felt the need to invoke a debugger. Used in conjunction with a version control system, when tests fail unexpectedly, reverting the code to the last version that passed all tests may often be more productive than debugging.


Still Lazy to Write Unit Tests? GitHub’s AI is here to help.

Okay, let the AI do the task for you. GitHub’s copilot is built to help writing unit tests 🙂

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