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Fraudsters Using Deepfake AI Videos

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Yes, fraudsters also figured out how artificial intelligence can help them to deceive people globally with minimal effort. Moreover, ad platforms don’t say “No” to those swindlers, so they can specifically target demographics as they wish, and they can use any public figure they want. What a swindler what more? Like a heaven.

What is DeepFake Technology?

Deepfake technology involves using artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning, to create highly realistic but fake videos or audio recordings. It can swap faces, generate fake voices, and manipulate content for various purposes. While it has creative applications, it also raises concerns about misinformation and potential misuse for deceptive purposes.

Deepfake Video Methods:

  1. Face swapping: Replacing the face of a person in a video with the face of another individual. This is one of the most common applications of deepfakes.
  2. Voice synthesis: Generating realistic-sounding voice recordings by analyzing and mimicking the voice patterns of a specific person.
  3. Lip syncing: Manipulating the lip movements of a person in a video to match a different audio track, making it appear as though they are saying something they did not say.
  4. Character animation: Bringing still images or drawings to life by animating facial expressions and movements using deep learning techniques.

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How Swinglers Are Using DeepFake Technology

They use all public figures representing all communities in society, politicians from different parties, speakers, journalists, businessmen etc.

And they create videos as if their offer is good with that public figure’s voice and visuals.

They are operating abroad, so they are fearless in using anybody.

Here are some screenshots I took of their ads on the Instagram platform:

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