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Fraud Spammers hacked Google’s algorithm

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(Above screenshots are taken from Google on 25th June 2023)

Google improves its algorithm regularly for years. In the past, those changes were in a 12-6-3 months period but recently they even release updates for every month. That is to improve its ranking algorithm to provide better results for the searchers. Sometimes those algorithm updates get a special name if there is a big change in the algorithm like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. You can see the algorithm changes on Google’s relative status page.

Although they claim about the improvement of algorithm, I saw many spam results on Google for the last 12 months.

So it is a bit unbelievable, after too many efforts of fine-tuning the algorithm, they still have spam pages on their index. Furthermore, spam pages are the worst of their kind, it welcomes you with “Congratulations you won iPhone” fraud websites or casino sites. Interestingly, I haven’t seen any mention of this issue in any tech blogs or newspapers, so I decided to write a short blog about it. Let’s hope Google fixes their algorithm asap as they have the highest market share among search engines, and kids are also using it (can be victims of fraud). This is really something difficult to believe for me without proof as Google fine-tune their algorithm for years, and now they can’t detect fraud spammers. Moreover, this is happening in their core product, the search engine. Unbelievable. The king is naked.

Actually, there are 2 problems

  1. Fraud sites on search result pages
  2. Sites which are different from the language I searched i.e. Chinese, Taiwanese, Arabic etc.

Here are the screenshots taken on various search results on Google from different machines/phones/networks. And screenshots are taken on different days for the last 12 months. The issue is not Turkish language specific, it is for both in Turkish and English searches.

1. Fraud Sites on Google SERPs

Casino spam on Palatino font search

And the landing page when you click on spam

Fraud spam on a food recipe search

Fraud spam on server rental search

Fraud sites on searching dinner restaurants in Ramadan time

Fraud spams for dinner time in Ramadan

2. Search results in languages which I don’t know at all.

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