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I was looking for browser testing alternatives for my SaaS product. When I was working for a startup, we employed a dedicated testing engineer who was writing tests via Selenium & Java. But when I was searching online, I found a no-code tool to write your tests without dealing with the Java codes. So for a startup which needs to save costs but also wants to increase the quality of the product, no-code browser testing is the way to go. So the tool is DogQ, and their $5/month package should be enough for a small startup project.

I wrote simple tests which only input text and click buttons as an example in under 5 minutes without dealing with any Java codes at all. Very nice!

Someone who has front-end coding knowledge can write those tests very easily. Even a product manager who has knowledge of HTML can do it.

Yes, it has some limitations compared to what you can do with Selenium, for example, you can do drag and drop with Selenium but you can’t do it with this tool. I wrote an email to their support about this feature too. So this is the list of actions they support:

As a result, great tool with basic testing capabilities via a cost-efficient and easy way to increase your SaaS product quality.

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